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Survival Tips

Complacency and Tornado Warnings

You hear the warning sirens, look outside, and see partly cloudy skies.  You might be wondering if meteorology is just a guessing game.  Many people may become complacent and think that nothing ever happens when a tornado warning is issued; therefore, they fail to take heed to the next warning.  So what does it mean when there is a tornado warning, and are they really frequently wrong?  According to the National Weather Service, a tornado warning is issued when a tornado has been sighted or indicated by weather radar, causing imminent danger to life and property.  So why does it...

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Survival blogs and resources you need to follow

When preparing for a survival scenario, it pays to have as much knowledge as possible.  A major catastrophe would likely wipe out the current infrastructure, resulting in the need to be self-sufficient.  Being prepared for such an event includes not only stocking up on the necessary food and gear, but also developing the knowledge to navigate such a catastrophe.  Here are several great blogs and resources you should be reading, listed in no particular order, that will help you gain the knowledge you need to survive: -- One of the best blogs if you are looking for survival information. It is...

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Grand Opening


            Welcome to!  With this store, I hope to help build a community of people that are prepared.  Whether it's for the next power outage, large scale disaster, or something far greater; you should always be prepared.  The purpose of this blog will be to provide education on the benefits of being prepared, as well as the best ways to get prepared.    Also, news and information regarding the store will be updated here.  Much more information will be coming soon!  And remember to stay vigilant!

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