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Prepackaged Survival Kits vs Building your Own

prepackaged survival kits vs building your own

You've decided that you are ready to begin a life of preparedness.  As you are searching on the internet for supplies, you may realize you have a decision to make.  Do you purchase one of the many prepackaged survival kits, or set out to build your own?  Any website selling the kits will tell you that they have high quality kits with everything you need in a 72-hour kit.  Ask anybody who has been prepping for a while, and they are likely to tell you to build your own kit.  As with many decisions, there is no right or wrong way to begin prepping.  We will review both options and provide you with a starting point for deciding which route is right for you.

Prepackaged Survival Kits

easyThe easiest route.  If you are just getting started prepping, or only prepping for small scale disasters in your area, this will likely be the easiest option.  Most prepackaged survival kits have been designed using advice from government organizations and other preparedness experts.  They are likely to contain all of the basic items you would need in a small scale emergency, and have most likely been designed as a 72-hour kit.  In addition, you will be able to find survival kits for the many different situations you might encounter.  For instance, a kit you might keep in your car and one you keep in the bedroom of your house.  Building each kit individually can be time consuming and costly.  Purchasing a prepackaged kit will ensure you have essential items at a reasonable price, and with little time commitment. backpack The mistake many people make; however, is to purchase the kit only to store it until it is needed when a catastrophe occurs.  When the time comes to use your survival kit, you may not fully understand how the items function or the best use for them.  It is important to get familiar with your survival kit and know how the items function before an emergency situation arises.

 Building your Own

Going this route will inevitably take more time and be more costly.  However, it gives you the opportunity to pack the high quality items that you trust.  In addition, you can pack the food specific to your desires.  You are also able to control not only the weight of the pack, but also the type of pack you want your survival kit in.  The trade-off for selecting each item in your survival kit clockindividually is the time consuming process.  You will want to ensure that each item you select is of good quality, which may mean researching each item you elect to put in your survival kit.  In addition, if you are preparing for different scenarios (for the car, tornadoes, earthquakes, etc.), you can exponentially increase the complexity of preparing your survival kit.  This is especially true if you need to shop at different places for each of the items you are adding to your kit.  You will have to factor in additional costs for each of the items as well, such as taxes and shipping costs if they are purchased online.  The benefit, however, is that you will be familiar with each item in your survival kit.  Should the time come when you need to use it, that knowledge will be beneficial.  You will likely know which items you need to use for each situation, as well as the appropriate way to use those items. 

Making the Decision


The route you decide to take when preparing your survival kit may depend on your commitment, as well as your expertise.  If you are just starting out, you may want to buy a prepackaged survival kit.  This allows you to not only prepare quickly, but also gives you an excellent starting point.   As you develop more advanced survival awareness, you can begin replacing certain items with those you feel provide you with more value or better quality.  While you can find many prepackaged survival kits for a variety of different scenarios, you will not find one that encompasses all situations you may encounter.  However, a predisasterpackaged survival kit provides a great foundation.  You can always add items that may be necessary to you and your particular situation.  For instance, it would be a good idea to add any medication that you are required to take.  If you have been putting off getting a survival kit together for financial reasons or time constraints, then go with a prepackaged kit.  If you are already aware of what items you need for your survival kit, and you know which quality products to use for it, building your own kit might be the best option for you.  Whichever route you decide to take, it is important to start now.  Putting it off only greatly increases your chances of getting caught unprepared when disaster strikes.

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