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Survival blogs and resources you need to follow

When preparing for a survival scenario, it pays to have as much knowledge as possible.  A major catastrophe would likely wipe out the current infrastructure, resulting in the need to be self-sufficient.  Being prepared for such an event includes not only stocking up on the necessary food and gear, but also developing the knowledge to navigate such a catastrophe.  Here are several great blogs and resources you should be reading, listed in no particular order, that will help you gain the knowledge you need to survive:

  1. -- One of the best blogs if you are looking for survival information. It is frequently updated with new articles.  It even includes a writing contest in which $1,000s in prizes are awarded.
  2. -- Another great blog with excellent information.  Articles are updated frequently, many times with pertinent news on potential disasters or situations which may lead to a disaster.  In addition, you can find information on prepping, as well as resources on maintaining a life after a disaster.
  3. -- If you are serious about prepping for a small scale disaster or a major catastrophe, this is the site you need to be on.  One of the best way to gain knowledge on a subject is by interacting with a like-minded community.  This forum maintains an active community of people who are serious about being prepared for a disaster, and are willing to help.
  4. --  This site is more of a directory of information and not a blog.  However, the links provided contain a wealth of information, and are updated frequently.  
  5. -- Consistently updated throughout the week, this site contains a plethora of information.  The site has a significant focus on the financial system, and contains in-depth analysis on the current state of finance.  It also contains a number of resources which are invaluable if you want to do your own research and learning.
  6. -- Frequently updated news and resources pertaining to survival and prepping.  Also has a section of free survival books.  An excellent website to help build your knowledge base.

If you know of any other sites that are great resources for disaster readiness, let us know in the comments.  

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