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Our Mission

The 3-Quarter Goal

According to the CDC, 48% of Americans do not maintain any emergency supplies.  That's nearly half of the population that is not prepared for basic emergencies.

Our mission is to increase that number to 75% within 10 years.  With your help we can ensure three quarters of Americans are prepared for the emergencies that affect them.

To accomplish our mission, we aim to help you develop a preparedness plan and provide the resources to get started.  We intend to do this by providing a place to gain knowledge and information on emergency preparedness, as well as preparing an emergency or survival kit.  

We guarantee that you will be satisfied with our services, or we will do what it takes to make it right.  

In addition, we guarantee that we will provide the lowest price on the products that we offer.  If a lower price is found elsewhere, we will happily match it. 

Getting prepared for an emergency situation should not be a difficult task.  We hope to make it easier with our prepared emergency kits and products.